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Preparing to Hunt Deer

by Sergio Garcia, Real Estate

Entering the real estate field at the age of 18 when he renovated and sold his family home, Sergio Garcia turned more than 50 homes in his first year. Today, Sergio Garcia sells foreclosed real estate located in Indiana and Illinois. When he is not working with customers, he enjoys deer hunting.
Wearing the right clothing is essential. In warm weather, dress in layers to go from lower temperatures in the morning and evening to higher temperatures in the afternoon. The layers should be camouflaged if you are hunting with a bow and orange if you are using a gun. For all-day cold, coveralls and thick coats are the rule. To ensure warm feet, make sure you have well-insulated boots.
Bring rope, as you may have to suspend a dead deer from a tree to clean it. Once you have cleaned it, a tarpaulin makes it easier to move the deer to your truck.
If you have a new weapon, either a bow or a gun, practice with it before the season opens. Shoot from various distances, depending on the terrain you will hunt in. In open areas you could be shooting at up to 200 yards, but in thick forest that distance could be as little as 50 yards.
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